Contract Auditing and Incorporation

Our company’s legal team offers the following services:

• Auditing our corporate client’s commercial contracts in terms of legal integrity and financial soundness. • Giving expert opinion on the adequacy of terms postulated in the contracts and the validity of contractual obligations, as per the Commercial Law and other relevant laws.

Stock Corporations

  • Egyptian joint-stock companies.
  • Limited liability companies.
  • Sole proprietorships.


  • Individual enterprises.
  • Calling for general assemblies for purposes of budget approval or Board of Directors meetings.
  • Calling for general assemblies, Board of Directors meetings, or meetings based upon the Directors’ request, in addition to issuing relevant documents from commercial chambers and registers.
  • Calling for extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) or Board of Directors meetingsfor purposes of alteration of contract(s).
  • Calling for extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) or Board of Directors meetings, for purposes of alteration of contract(s), business performance assessment and/or statutory conversions.
  • Industrial Development Authority
    • Issuing a Temporary Industrial Record.
    • Registration at the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI).
  • National Organization for Social Insurance
  • Building and Construction Authority
  • General Organization for Export and Import Control
    • Issuing an Importer Record.
    • Issuing an Exporter Record.
    • Issuing an Import/Export Agent Record.
    • Modification of Import ID card information.
    • Renewal of Import ID card.
    • Modification of Exporter Record information.
    • Renewal of Exporter Record.
    • Modification of Importer/Exporter Agent Record information.
    • Renewal of Importer/Exporter Agent Record.
  • Incorporation as per Commercial Law
    • Incorporation of individual companies.
    • Modification of partnerships’ data.
    • Modification of individual enterprises’ data.

Our company:

  • Promptly finalizes incorporation procedures, thanks to its team of experts, who have already incorporated many partnerships and joint-stock companies.
  • Undertakes procedures relevant to changing a company’s legal form, such as statutory conversions, split-ups, and mergers.
  • Undertakes the procedures of ratifying general assembly minutes, extraordinary general meeting minutes, Board of Directors meeting minutes and drawing up alteration contracts.