Auditing, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Account Keeping


Our company furnishes small, medium-sized, and large companies with auditing services as per Egyptian accounting and auditing standards and relevant laws. We pay visits to our corporate clients on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, based on their request and their business needs.

  •  Our experienced team provides auditing services for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and joint-stock companies from all business fields.
  • Our company boasts high-quality auditing services, thanks to its team of skilled professionals who perform their work according to relevant laws.

Our Auditing Techniques:

We carry out test checks for evidence provided to certify the valuations and notes to the company’s financial statements. We also conduct a test of controls and examine the company’s major accounting rules and the proper presentation of financial statements. To audit a company, we gather detailed information about its field of business and its business relations, including relations with customers, suppliers, banks and financial institutions, government entities, etc. We examine the company’s accounting system for purposes of risk assessment and its potential impact on the integrity and accuracy of its records and financial statements. We also conduct a test of internal controls for the company.

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Accounting Services, Bookkeeping and Account Keeping:

Our company provides the following services:

  • Reviewing the company’s financial documents regularly, according to business needs.
  • Preparing daily book entries and furnishing evidence that certifies them.
  • Filing accounting records and relevant documents.
  • Recording entries in relevant books (general ledger or assistant ledger).
  • Recording entries using the double-entry system (the American approach) monthly, thus preparing the general journal.
  • Drawing up a trial balance.
  • Preparing closing financial statements.

We provide the following types of closing financial statements:

• Balance sheets. • Income statements. • Statements of changes in equity. • Statements of comprehensive income. • Cash flow statements. • Notes to financial statements.

Financial Departments undertake preparing these statements and submitting them to the Board of Directors for ratification in their respective companies. Our company, then, issues these statements and offers its competent opinion on them based on proper auditing and accounting standards and provides the auditor’s report. Companies must provide us with all necessary data and documents to that end. Our office issues it and expresses its opinion on it in accordance with the auditing and accounting standards and submits the auditor's report in light of our review, provided that the company is committed to providing all data and documents necessary for the office to carry out the work assigned to it.

Rules and Standards:

Here, we detail the professional and legal rules and standards our company abides by in auditing financial statements and issuing reports:

  •  We audit financial statements and draw up relevant reports according to international auditing standards issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and relevant Egyptian auditing standards. Following these standards necessitates proper auditing planning, so that financial statements do not contain any significant errors.

  •  Egyptian and international auditing standards and relevant Egyptian laws and bylaws require auditors to state if these standards were followed in writing financial statements and prepared using forms issued by the relevant ministries’ decrees.

  • Egyptian laws and bylaws mandate joint-stock companies to finalize and audit their annual financial statements within the first quarter of the following year. Therefore, drawing up these companies’ financial statements and auditing them must be completed on time, allowing the company to comply with that legal requirement